Well, Rhayn is staying the night at my cousin's. Its weird and I feel LONELY! its like someone sliced off part of me.

Will and I had a nice dinner and went to the Asian market (bought some of the "essentials" like garbanzo beans- YEAH for Hummus!) But its 8 pm, we are home and he is playing Ravenshield. Whoopity. Rhayn could be here for this. Then again- I could go to bed right now and it would be NO BIG DEAL!

You don't realize how much a part of you your child is. How much of your day is spent thinking about them and talking to them. I have been talking to baby a lot this past hour or so- telling her how great it would be to be head down and getting ready to come out. Ideally I would LOVE for her to flip and to have her AT HOME on Sunday. I think that would be the coolest day! Its my parents anniversary and its a full moon. I want to wait until after Bri's baby shower then- she can come out. I mean if she is wanting to, but refuses to turn over well then it will be ok. I will be ok. I have come to terms (on some level) that a cesaerean is a possibility. I am still trying everything I can to get her to turn, but she is a stubborn bug! (Or maybe just lazy?)

Its all a waiting game.

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