Just a quickie

I called the lady recommended by my midwife. I saw her at 11 this morning, and go back for another "go" tomorrow. She showed me how to massage my ligaments to release and let the baby have more room.
I can't say it felt great, in fact- I am sore.
This is a good website with lots of information on turning Breech babies. It really helped me, now I am about to go relax, and do some baby turning visualization!
I think its because I went to Costco afterwards and lifted some heavy items. But I have been feeling like hoarding stuff, so Costco really helps. I shouldn't need toilet paper or paper towels for a while (we bought a thing of paper towels before we moved in here- and still have 4 rolls, but we had a coupon so figured it was a good time to stock up!)
Getting the deep freezer has also helped, because I can stock up on frozen veggies. I love to have a wide variety of those and Costco has some delicious organic ones (such as asparagus- YUMMY!)
I had another bad nights sleep last night. I think it was mostly stress related, because I woke at 3 and was wide awake thinking and in pain. Lets just hope I can finish my few "chores." I want to finish the laundry and get it all put away. I also need to totally unload my Costco trip... I put all of the food items away- but left some of it in the truck.

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