After the Nap

Ok, I am feeling so much better now. I really think the only way to make it through a whole day is to stop at around 2-3 and take an hour long nap. It was nice because I slept on the couch while Rhayn watched a dumb movie and she softly held my hair, its reassuring when your child buries her fingers in your hair, letting you know they are right there and will be when you make up.

I am going to start dinner soon, I think meatballs sound really good. I am stuck in some weird pasta craving. Maybe I really need the carbohydrates to keep going.

Will has some major work that he needs to get done in the next few weeks. He is going to get to have dinner with us, and then has to work for a few hours. I may even be going to bed alone. I know he is going to work hard so that he can spend some time with us this weekend, as we are going to my parents house. There is no way I feel comfortable driving the 55 miles. I am ok with 10-15 around town, but that is open highway. I am so afraid my water will break while I am in transit!

Baby girl is a wiggling fool right now, its good, she seems to be wiggling differently than she has the past few days, so maybe she is making her way to the correct position. I can hope, right? We have been having a talk- she and I. She will be head down and is going to come out naturally. She will not be cut from me, severed like a dead limb. I just feel like that is the wrong way. I mean after all of this time planning for her homebirth, if she doesn't flip we are headed to the hospital which frightens me, with her being breech currently. What if she doesn't flip? Are there any doctors that will deliver her vaginally? I know the midwife says she knows of one or 2, and we are going to talk to one of them. She also told me that no matter what she will not leave me. I am "stuck with her" until this baby is out no matter how she comes out. That really makes me feel better because I know I have someone who knows what she is talking about in my court. She will be my advocate, for that I love her more.

I have actually accomplished nearly all of my goals for this day. I didn't sweep/mop our kitchen. But I can do that after dinner. It feels good to have accomplished anything at this point, when I would really like to do nothing more than veg out in from of the telly and watch crap. I am making a list of things and as I cross each off, I get to rest for a bit. Tomorrow I plan on finishing my little bit of sewing and get that area of the house all cleaned up. I have to finish the sling I have started for my sis's hubby. I finished her's but haven't gotten around to his. It won't take more than an hour.

I also have to go back for another adjustment on my back. Hopefully that will make the baby totally turn. If not I go back again. I was told it usually happens with in 3-4 visits. So I did not expect it to work today. I am only really going to worry about breech-baby IF she is still breech on her due date. I mean she could turn during labor, and I know that this is just another time I will have to trust in God and let him handle things. He is in charge of our lives, He is in charge of this, too. This doesn't mean I am sitting around doing nothing, I am trying everything I can to turn her, but I am not going to allow it to stress me out. I need to relax in order for her to flip.

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dacheese said...

Thanks for making them for us NeeNee! I go to the Doctor tom. For once they actually have me seeing a real doctor and not just a nurse. I Think they said I will be seeing Dr.Goodman. See ya Saturday! YUMM..... Costco CAKE!!!!!

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