Well, the baby is most definatly NOT head down. She has her head in my right ribs and it hurts, but not as much as trying to get her to move, or the stress that I am feeling because now I have mojor decisions to make.
Should I try for a couple of days to get her to move, by laying on a slant board, and using a cold press on her head? (I know that sounds funny, but I can press on her head and she does NOT like that and tries to wiggle away! The midwife could get her to move an inch or so, and she has sort of moved out of my ribs at this point...)
Should I call and schedule a version?
Should I call the chiropractor the midwife has recommended?
So many choices and so little time. Right now I am going to lay down on the couch and wait for Will to come home so that I can tell him the bad news, its not the end of the world- its just not good news at all.
I am not even thinking of the world cesearean, yet. Its NOT AN OPTION... Well Not MY option!

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TLC said...

Try it all! Schedule the inversion and call the chiropractor. Did you read up on pulsatilla?

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