We live in a new subdivision. Its all houses under 3 years old. We moved here 2 years ago. Well around our house has been an empty lot, everything pretty much south of us, was dirt. 2 weeks ago however they started building houses there. Its going to take our view of South Mountain and the Estrellas away. I will really miss that. I can hope that we'll still be able to see the tip tops peaking over rooftops, but if you have seen those "mountains" well they really aren't mountains- more hills. Phoenix, the whole valley is surrounded by hills, and that makes us a valley.

Did I mention construction often starts at 6 am. That is when they arrive and start hammering away. The loud trucks driving down our street, and we try to sleep through it.

Luckily this morning it wasn't loud, because I was blessed with a bit of a headache sometime in the middle of the night. Is it from stress? Is it from allergies? Is it just one of those "out-of-nowhere-headaches?" I am going for the latter.

As far as baby news- well there really isn't any. I am feeling pressure in my groin, but nothing more. I am worried a bit about the sonogram I have to have today to check her fluid level. Midwife said to wait until after that then we will talk about the next step. I think she knows I have had enough "If-Thens" I needed a little break. I am afraid of what it will mean. Will we need to induce labor- and if so- how? (castor oil- ewwww....) Or what? I mean if the levels are really low- will they need to "take the baby?"

Once again I am faced with the cesarean section. I want to say that Monday, in the middle of the version- I was SOOOOO ready to say "ok, stop! Just cut me open! Lets just get it over with." that hurt so badly that I was willing to have surgery to stop the pain. Midwife says that I am very strong, because that looked so painful (um- YEAH!) I would not go through it again. If she flipped over- well I would be scheduling the c-section. I couldn't go through that again, so I guess that is one good thing that came out of Tuesday night's painful contractions. She has wedged her head in my pelvis now. So she shouldn't be flipping.

It is very weird to feel her feet in my ribs, when they had been kicking me in the cervix/groin/bladder area for so long. I was so used to her head in my ribs, that her feet are nothing. In fact its almost a relief feeling. Her bottom is on my left side, so my right side is getting rest, it had her head in it for so long. I am much more comfortable now- most of the time. (She just pushed into my bladder! Ow!)

Well I am going to lay down and try to rest my head. This headache is getting worse- not better. I thought it would get better. So I will take a HOT shower and then lay down and nap.

(Oh- the pictureis from 2 years ago, we were planting some trees in the backyard and Rhayn decided SHE wanted to be planted!)

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