Whew, what a night. I tossed and turned and really didn't get much quality sleep. I knew I would wake more tired than I went to bed. Its just not fair. When you should be getting more sleep in preparation for the baby, you get less. You lay awake at night and worry about the baby, or you lay awake and feel the baby. You wake up 100 times to pee, or just to move because you have cramps in your legs. There is just no rest for the weary pregnant woman.

So I suppose this means more tea today. I don't know if I would have made it through this summer without Iced Tea, nectar of my deities. I love that stuff. I really hated it the first time I tried it, but after the past few years, and especially this summer. Mmmm. Tea- iced- delicious! (not too picky about brand as long as its caffeinated! I think I do prefer boring ole Lipton.)

Ice itself has become a craving. I want crushed ice to chew on. I want it to crunch in my mouth and NOT taste like freezer! (Our ice had a definite garlic flavor the other day- NASTY! I replaced the baking soda in the freezer part of our refrigerator and moved my frozen garlic cubes into our fancy new upright freezer. What a GREAT idea that thing was! I love having frozen foods on hand, and being able to find them!)

I think I am over the cheesy hashbrown craving, however n and Out burgers still rank high on things I would like to eat. Yesterday Rhayn and I went to eat at Red Lobster on the way home from the midwife's. I KNOW I should NOT eat there! Yet I wanted to try it again. I am not sure what it is that I ate that made me feel so sick, but I did. I felt pukey and nasty all day. I also had explosive diarrhea AT the restaurant (nothing to do with the food I was eating, but it made finishing pretty miserable!)

My brother stayed the night and he took Rhayn to the park for a little while this morning. If you don't go really early its too hot. I know Rhayn would like to get out of the house more, poor thing. I just really can't handle these record breaking temperature days we have been having lately. Its been in the 110+s. Which is WAY too hot for any pregnant woman or child to be in. Although when I was a kid, back in the day we played outside all summer. We became extremely brown from so much time in the sun, our hair bleached white. Our feet were rough and tough from barefoot playing. We didn't complain about the heat and we didn't die from it. So why is it so much different now? I think its mostly because I live in the city and I was raised in the country. City life is different. I can't just let her run around outside, I have to stay with her. I can't just let her free- because bad people might steal her. Maybe when she is older...

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