Spilled Milk and Love

There are days when you read something and it hits you- just so- right there. You can't always really explain why this particular sentiment hits home so strongly. But today I can.

I was reading a blog, as I am prone to do when I have a spare moment. Its a post in the blog of a person I know, so I think that made it hit home even more. www.crunchy.blog-city.com

She is about to embark on the beauty of having her second child, and her lovely daughter is about the same age as mine, so we are close to being on similar journeys. She is just a few steps ahead of me. Jeanette started writing about how she is thankful for these last few days with her daughter- the last few days she gets to be a mother to ONLY her sweet Bella.

I know how that feels, as I have been drawing closer to the birth of my child, I have been trying to take time to enjoy everything about Rhayn. To savor the moments where it is just she and I and we are talking about silly stuff. I have tried hard not to punish her for the little things, that I know she doesn't do on purpose. Such as spilling milk. She really is trying to be a big girl, and wants to drink out of a big girl cup, but it isn't always easy to do. Why do I get so upset over spilled milk?

Rhayn is such a wonderful girl, she is so intelligent. She is funny and caring. She regularly makes me laugh because she is just so- HER. There really is no way to describe how perfect she is as a daughter. I have been so blessed. Sometimes this frightens me- does her personality have anything to do with me? Or did I just get uber lucky in the kid department? Will I get lucky again? Will this little child growing inside of me be as easy as Rhayn?

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