Heart Attacks

We don't have a lot of contact with Will's father's side of the family. In fact we really only have contact with my side and his only brother. So a few months ago when we got to meet one of his sisters it was a treat. She is a really nice person and I enjoyed talking to her.

Today she called, which was very strange.

She informed us that Will's father had suffered a heart attack. He is fine, but she thought we should know. I am glad she thought of us. Will's mother had suffered a heart attack about a year ago.

My parents are young- only in their late 40s. Will's parents are older- much older (they have children the same age as my parents!) I believe Will's fater is only about 11 years younger than my grandmother (who is 84.) Will's grandfather is still alive, but I have no idea how old he is.

This doesn't make me worry that my parents will suffer heart attacks, although both of my grandfathers died of them. It makes me feel SO lucky to have my parents. So lucky to be able to call my mom and just say "hi" if I feel inclined to do so. I feel lucky that they are only 20 years older than me, which allows me plenty of time to develop that friend relationship that I want to have with them.

In fact, my parents have become pretty much the only "couple" friends that Will and I have (besides my brother and his fiance and my sister and her husband. But we rarely hang out with them.)

When I was in high school, if you had told me that I would be friends with my parents, would have said "Yeah- right." I would have looked at you like you were losing your flippin' mind! FRIENDS? With. My. Parents?! HAHA! But now- well now I know better. And I can't imagine life without them and their friendship.

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