Minor Irritations

Yup, I am irritated. I asked Will months ago what our vision insurance was. He told me it was the same as our health insurance. I trusted him, that he asked and knew what he was talking about.
I set up an appointment at the opthamologist (i think that is how its spelled) to get an eye exam, because you can't get new glasses if your prescription is more than 1 year old. (Having had my last exam in May 2004, its just a little out of date.)

I went in and looked around, finding some glasses that I liked quite a bit. Then talked to the receptionist. She was useless. She kept making me wait because she didn't know what she was doing. (UGH!) Worst of all, Rhayn was acting up, she was running all over the store acting like a total maniac! It was NOT a pleasant experience.

In the end, I left without glasses. I am going to try to go back next week. I just have to wait to see what our insurance is.

Oh, and the pool at the YMCA is still broken, so no swim lessons today, AGAIN. Ugh. I wish they could call and cancel since this is the second time this week. Poor Rhayn was sad because she couldn't go swimming.


Its now 8:30 pm, and I am adding this to the post because well- I feel like it. Will emailed HR and found out out vision care is under a different company. I just wish he'd done it sooner. I tried to talk to him about it- and he is now "a little mad at" me. So, am I usppsed to keep my mouth shut when things bother me? I guess so, at risk of upseting the "demon within" him. Not that he is a mean person. He just has a temper that involves lots of silence and locked doors (so he can stew in his juices. This is hard for me to comprehend and I figure- get over it quickly! I never go to bed angry.)

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