Don't poison my kitty!

Its my brother, Jesse's birthday. (Sorry I forget how old you are!) Which I actually DIDN'T forget! WHOO HOO, not that it matters, we didn't get him anything. I have been so busy buying stuff for my baby that all other things are lost in the wind.

We went to the in laws on Saturday. We like to go visit them, and get a bit of a break from the valley. It was pretty nice, Rhayn had a great time, playing with her cousin. Lo is 6 and they play really well together.

Before we left on Saturday morn, Will decided to spray for bugs. Not a big deal, because we bought spray that ONCE IT DRIES is safe around pets and babies. Only he didn't think about that, and our "best cat ever" Beckham was standing in a puddle of the poison. I was freaking out, I locked him in the closet and was so worried he would be dead. Even Will realized that he was jeapordizing our sweet furball! So we stayed home and kept an eye on him while the poison dried. Will also made Beckham walk all over to rub the poison off of his paws. I spent quite a lot of time worrying about our kitty, and even had a nightmare on Saturday night, that we would come home to a dead kitty.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was worried about him. However, as Will pointed out, when I was pregnant with Rhayn I was afraid to leave my house because I was worried about my cat Floh. So the extreme fear came from being pregnant, I knew he'd be ok, but I just couldn't stop thinking about how I would feel if he wasn't.

I am SO glad he is fine. He must have sensed my distress over his well-being, because he slept by me and everytime I awoke in the night, he was on the pillow above my head. I was awake for an hour and he sat there with me. It helped me fall back asleep. I just wish I didn't have to wake up for that hour, because I have things to do today and not sure when I can going to slip my nap time in!


Well its time to take Rhayn to swim lessons. Then off to the midwife. Busy day...

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