I thought I couldn't feel worse, well today I do. I think its because I was sewing and ate way too many almonds. I can pop them like candy and on occasion I do.

I got up and took Rhayn to swim lessons only to find out that they are canceled because the pool pump is broken. We went shopping instead. At the craft store, she finally picked a costume that she liked (5512). Its just a cape, but we got some royal purple velvet to make it.

Be impressed- be very impressed- because I actually came home and started sewing. 2 hours later and all there is left to do is the hem (and I somehow made the dang thing 5 inches too long!) and the frog closure at the throat. I never get a project and come home directly and get it done. Its weird! Now I need to get started on the slings I plan on making (one for me one for my sister.)

Rhayn is very impressed with her new costume, I really should be cleaning up. HAHA. I should also be looking at making dinner. At least I know what I want to make! Lemon chicken and asparagus. MMMM Maybe I'll just take a little nap before, oh wait I don't have time!

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