Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

I am not even sure where to begin to describe the week we just had.

The weather at the house we stayed at was lovely. I could have sat out on the back patio looking at hundreds of San Clemente homes for hours. Even as the sun beat on me, it was nice. You could even smell the ocean as it was only a mile (if that) from the front door.

The ocean, that large expanse of beautiful blue, its waves calling you to walk on its beaches, to smell its salty air, to feel the pull that is so strong to so many that they live in squalor so that they can surf in her blueness.

Our second day was nice, we went to the ocean, we sat on her beaches and Rhayn played in her water. We all had fun (well, I am not a swimmer, more of a sit and look at the loveliness that is the water. I enjoyed that more than anyone would really know.) We applied sunblock religiously. The sun however laughed at us as she beat her rays into our skin. Rhayn is the only one who avoided a burn. She only received mild chafing from sand in her bathing suit crotch (I never realized how uncomfortable that could be- her whole bottom bright red from rubbing and scratching.)

We went back to our abode and showered resting to calm ourselves from being in the sun, and to assess the damage our skin had received. It didn't seem to bad, so we went out for dinner and drove along the Pacific Coast Highway. What gorgeous views of the sea.

The next day we went to Disneyland- but that is a story for another day- believe me. I do not even want to get started with that!

Thursday, we ended up at a "ghetto" mall. It was crappy, but those aforementioned sunburns had turned into major redness and blistering in some cases. Poor Will normally wears a white t-shirt when outside, so he had the "Hank Hill" tan. His tender white fleshy belly was turned into a raging inferno of sore reddish-purple skin covered in small blisters.

Friday we came home, leaving the beauty of the ocean behind without getting to visit it again. We all wanted to, and had planned to go back. The sunburns ruled us, and is still ruling Will. I am just starting to peel a little, his skin seems to be coming off in sheets. I didn't burn nearly as badly as he did.

It was a fun trip, we spent a lot of time together, which to me is the real reason for a family vacation. I hope we get to do this again sometime!

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