Still saturday...

Ok, I swear that after this post I am going to go to bed and sleep (or at least try to sleep while I watch "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" for the 300th time.)

I just went in to check on Rhayn, she looks so sweet all in her big girl bed. I just can't help but totally fall in complete love with her all over again. Who knew that you could love one person so completly and so unconditionally (besides everyother mama or dad!) It is amazing to me to listen to her.

Daddy gave her a "big money" a repilca of an Indian-head nickel from 1913 that is huge. He asked her what the animal on the back was, her reply: "Its a... moofe" I think she was confused between moose and buffalo, but it make me laugh very hard. There are times when that little bit of humor is what keeps me going!

I am so happy to say that Will is home, Its nice to have him asleep on the couch where he should be! It would be nice if he were in our bed, but since he is passed out and I am wide awake, its ok that he is there, I am not complaining (besides our bed might break- since those damn movers put it together wrong!)

His flight was supposed to get in at 6:15, but was delayed until nearly 7. I do not know what is such great fun about the airport, is it the people watching? You really get to see people at their weirdest! Everyone waiting nervously for that person to walk off of the flight. Even the time Will only had a day flight and was home about the same time he would have been home from work- it was like waiting for a long lost friend. And I had dropped him off 5 hours earlier! Its kind of silly, but the excitement today was real. I wanted to hug him more, but he looked so tired and Rhayn needed those daddy hugs more than i needed hugs. I will get them later, I will make him hold me for hours tomorrow and maybe the baby will even give him a good swift kick.

All I really know is that it is GREAT to have him home again!!!

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