Fireworks- WHOO HOO

Well its the 4th of July, big freaking deal. Like its a big exciting day or something. Here in the desert, its so hot that going outside is like setting off fireworks under your feet. I don't want to stay home, but there is absolutely nothing to do that doesn't involve sweating my ass off. In case you all were wondering, at this point, I sweat when I walk outside. The baby combined with 110 degree temperabtures, its just NOT a good combination!


I am going stir crazy, and Will has only been home a full day. I know he is a little to, so maybe we'll join the throngs of "mall shoppers" who walk the malls because they are air-conditioned. Mind you, I spend a great deal of summertime in the mall. I walk the mall, because its bearable,I can people watch, look at fashion and see what I would never do to my child.

AND there are not tvs in front of couches. I hate the television. I feel like it sucks my brain and makes me a less than desirable mother and wife and person in general. If it were up to meI i would be rid of the evil thing. I can NOT seem to stop watching stupid TLC shows like "A Makeover Story" and "A Baby Story." Rhayn thinks that you have to go to the hospital to have the baby "taken out" because of all the c-sections on "A Baby Story." Its horrible.

She told me that when its time to "take the baby out" she will go to my parents house (*her dream is to live there- with their lovely backyard and A DOG. And my brother, Jesse who takes her to see his horses AND her most favorite person in the ENTIRE WORLD- Jesse's Fiance- Stacey. Stacey is followed closely by her utter extreme love for her "praypa" my dad.) So I tried to explain to her the baby will be born here, but all she can think about is, that she will go to my parents house. She calls them that- "Your parents." Its so grown up and strange. Where did my little girl go? She has been replaced by this smallish woman-child. I miss my baby, but I love listening to my smallish-woman child tell me about the world in her own words. It is so fascinating and often hard to understand. But she is my world nonetheless.

Back to the television. When daddy isn't here the tv is off by now, (ok its recording the aforementioned TLC shows, but its not ON those are watched later- during lunch time... Doesn't everyone want to watch people get their hair dyed while they eat a sandwich?) I prefer this and Rhayn plays more, we get more done around the house. He thinks as long as its educational (war shows) that its ok if she veges in from of the tv all day. He says they interact. I just think its better that we all interact in a room with out the tv on. I would rather watch Rhayn color and tell me about her drawings, than stare at war or even Nature. In fact, I would rather do anything else...

I must admit my recent addiction to updating my blog has also taken time that I should be spending with Rhayn, but... She is usually sitting by me doing her "work" which is writing the letters she can write over and over in her notebook. She usually isn't in front of the telly. That evil thing- the television EVIL!

(Did you know that the spell checker on here, suggested TiVo as a spelling for tv- which is supposed to be capitalized... didn't you know? TiVO? It recognizes THAT? As a REAL word? What the.............)

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