Another night, and I am really hoping that this time I will be able to lay in bed and fall asleep. Not lay in bed and think, because honestly I am totally exhausted. I have been unable to doze during the day, being busy and the house is mess. I know it isn't really, but I feel like it is!

I just don't really know what is "up" with me. I felt so in a funk all day yesterday and today. I even almost started crying again tonight. I guess its all part of being pregnant, I just don't remember any of this from last time!

Rhayn had a doctor appointment today, she had to get 3 shots (I know she didn't HAVE to get any but I am not totally against immunizations- and these were the ones we would need to start school. ) She also had a TB test, because well- just in case she starts school and they needed one. She did so well. I feel like an awful mama, holding her trembling arm while she gets poked. But I really think her fear of the shots was greater than the pain. The only one she really seemed to be hurt by was the MMR immunization. Those burn, so I understand that. I thought for sure she was going to cry, but no tears actually left her eyes, they pooled, but no drips. The nurse seemed impressed that she didn't cry.

The other thing I found out today is that Rhayn has inherited MY eyesight- which means glasses for distance. Will, on the other hand, has perfect eyesight and sees VERY well. I need glasses for driving and watching movies. I also need them when I take a class so I can read the blackboard. This will be Rhayn's lot, too. She may never notice it, because I know until I was with Will, Mr. Perfect Vision, I didn't notice it. He kept pointing out things I could not see, so I wondered. Plus when I was in 8th grade, I had headaches and had my eyes checked out because of them (vision was NOT the cause of my headaches- they are run of the mill migraines.) I just hope that she will realize that glasses make you see better, AND it really does make life easier when you can see!

I think that Rhayn has also inherited my clumsiness. She is a clutz- I am not complete without a bruise or two. (Never fully dressed without a...bruise!) She seems to have gotten my lack of awareness of the world around her. Poor girl... 2 things I had really hoped she wouldn't get! Oh well, we can only hope daddy can train that one out of her AND that she doesn't hurt herself too badly! I haven't had to get stitches because of my clumsiness (YET know on wood!)

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