The Big Fall

I was visiting with my cousin, Elise and her husband and their 10 month old son. Its always nice to visit with people, and they fed me (so I didn't have to cook, which for some reason has become the chore I MOST dread doing!!!) so that was awesome.

As we were getting ready to leave I forgot my cup. I don't know if any of you have one of these- the perfect cup. Its from Baja Fresh, and we have a few others, but this one is MINE. I take it with me everywhere. I left my cup and we hadn't gotten too far. So I turned around to go and get it.

We knock on the door and Elise answers. I ask her to get my cup. I don't really know how I would make it throught the day without my cup! She does and I reach in her door to get it, taking one step in. I tripped over her 10 month old son.
I think I was fairly gracelful, as he didn't cry. But I am sore, I sort of took the fall over the baby and try not to smoosh my belly approach. My left ankle is a little swollen.
This whole thing was my fault. I KNEW they have a crawling baby, its not like he had appeared in the 1 minute since I had left. So I should have been looking for him, not worrying about a stupid cup that really has no senitmental value- I just feel like I need to carry it... everywhere I go.

Boy, am I glad as a teenager, during growth spurts, that I learned the art of graceful falling. Or at least falling so that it hurts less. I haven't ever broken a bone (KNOCK ON WOOD!! PLEASE!!!) the only stitches I have ever had were from the episiotomy that I don't really think I needed. So I think I have done pretty well not killing myself even though I SHOULD be crowned Queen of the Klutzes!

All hail Her Royal Majesty- Queen of Klutzes!

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