Cleaning fiend and the Toy Monster

I am a cleaning fiend today. I have stopped only long enough to rest my weary bones and post a little. I finally got sick of looking at a certain room in my house, the room in which I spend WAAAY too much time (as my computer is housed in it and its open to the upstairs AND you have to walk through it to get to any other room in the upstairs.) Everytime I get this room cleaned to a place that I like it, somehow or another it gets cluttered again. I have 3 bags of trash to take out, simply because of the clutter and if I could get more of it out right now- I would. I am sick of picking up Rhayn's toys. She really doesn't have as many as some kids I have seen, but what the toys that there are seem to explode into this one space.

It doesn't help that we have a treadmill- one that neither of us uses- sitting in the room. It has become a place to store- you guessed it- TOYS! Today the toy monster became smaller as I went through the stuffed animals covering it, and put them in other places. I am a stuffed animal collector. It is difficult for me to part with these for some reason. A few of them are even mine from childhood.

I have decided that I am getting rid of my old textbooks. If I haven't even opened them since the class ended WHY am I holding on to them? I mean, yes when I paid that $80 or more for them I swore my child would inherit them, but after looking at 3 full shelves of them (not just mine- since Will is a textbook hoarder, too!) I am tired of it. I can only see a few that I might keep. I want to be quite selective in keeping them, getting it down to only a shelf or two. We shall see if I can get my darling husband to part with any of his. I know he looks at them even less that I do. He hasn't moved these shelves of dusty books around the house at all. While I am still searching for the perfect flow for the rooms we live in. Maybe if we had bigger built in shelves that I could not move so easily? It doesn't matter, books accumulate no matter how often you get rid of them!

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