I can not seem to get my butt into gear today.
I had a very difficult time falling asleep last night, and this morning, well lets just say that I wasn't fully awake until about 10. It is a really good thing that Rhayn will let me nap. I can not imagine what I would be acting like without that extra sleep! As it is, I am easily frustrated FOR NO REASON. I need to take our truck to get the oil changed, but I really do not want to leave the house. I should have done it yesterday, oh well. I am getting Rhaynnon ready and we'll go and get that done in a bit.

I had to trim Rhayn's hair. I just can't justify $10 for a trim for her. (Although yesterday I justified nearly $60 for my own hair! What is that about?) So I was trying to trim her hair- mostly her bangs needed it, and she kept wiggling, and wiggling and wiggling! I mean, I know she is only 4 and can't really sit still, but I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so that I wasn't holding extremely sharp scissors anymore. I feel clumsy.

Wednesday I burnt my arm with hot olive oil, because I was making Chicken Parmesan and I swirled the pan to better coat the chicken. The oil splattered up and it really hurt. I have a nice burn make from it.

Did I mention the inability to sleep? We are leaving Monday to go on a week long vacation to California, to go to the beach and Disneyland. Whoo hoo. I am not excited because I know its going to be even harder to sleep there than it is here! There will be even less chance of naps, so they better beware the no-nap grump monster I can become! Will has only seen her a few times. We are staying in a condo (its a one room one I think) with Will's brother, his wife, and their 3 children- ages 6 and nearly 2 (twins.) I am really not looking forward to how out of my schedule we will get. Its a good thing we are not leaving until Monday morning, as I am guaranteed at least one last night of decent sleep!


Ok- is that not a VERY annoying website? Its insanely annoying. But Rhayn loves it. She will sing it whenever she sees a badger or hears anyone say "badger" (which is often as Will is friends with someone whose last name IS badger!!!!) Its hilarious. Especially when you figure she hadn't seen that annoying "badger badger badger" thing in nearly 6 months, and still when she saw a picture of a badger she started singing it!

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