I worry sometimes that I am going to have this baby prematurely. I worry that she will be disabled because I was unable to carry her to term. I really don't think this is an uncommon worry. In fact, I am sure its pretty normal.
I worry that I am not going to be able to nurse her either. I was sure i would have no problems nursing Rhayn, so when she was born with a cleft palate and unable to latch on, i felt defeated. So this time I am worrying about it alot more. I mean I never even considered that I wouldn't be able to nurse her. I am more determined this time, but that doesn't mean that something won't happen to make it undoable....
I worry about everything with this pregnancy and with Rhayn, how will she react to being a big sister? will she be a good big sister? Will I be able to love them both and be the mom i want to be? how will it be with 2 children? Harder?
I am so worried, but I am also so glad we waited to have this child until Rhayn was older, we really got to enjoy her.
I guess all of my worries are just silly... but sometimes you just have to write them all out.

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