i feel like a heel!

Rhayn and I were at Costco, big exciting trip to Costco because our friday night was so empty of anything exciting to do. We were looking at the movies, and I was trying to decide if I wanted to actually buy a movie. I move down the aisle a little way, and i hear "mom..." "what?" I reply in a not so nice, really rather frustrated with her sort of way.
"mom, I love you."
Open mouth insert foot.
Geez, could i felt worse. Yes, a lady nearby giggles and says "I know how you feel, you get so frustrated with them, and with life. You just know its going to be 'mom, can i have this' or something else."
I reply, "then they say I love you and you just feel so badly."
She shakes her head, giggling a little more as we part ways.
I felt so bad. I feel so badly when Rhayn just bursts out with "I love you" and I don't respond very nicely- well after she says it I always say "i love you, too." but there is that moment, after the "mom" when i know she is trying to get my attention and I am doing something like stuffing my face with a twinkie (that I don't want her to see, so i don't have to share.)
I just hope she doesn't remember this in 20 years and say "Hey, Mom. Remember that time i tried to say I love you and you were hiding a twinkie from me."
Geez- could it get worse?

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