Rhayn and I went swimming today. it was a lot of fun for her, because up until the end of last summer she had tubes in her ears and couldn't put her head underwater. (and who can really keep a 3 yr old from trying to put their head underwater?!)
She starts swim lessons next week and I am excited. I know this is what she needs this summer. What we need this summer.
I also talked to one of my dh's older sisters on the phone. One of his dad's daughters. She is coming ot visit. Will hasn't seen her in like 14 years. I know he feels apart from his family, all but his one brother. I always thought I would end up with a husband with a big close knit family, like mine. I never thought I would end up part of such a big mess. I am very interested in how she looks, because i have met one of his dad's other daughters, and she looked nothing like him. His only full sibling looks just like him. Its like Will with a wig. hee hee

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