Looking back

I have a bag of cards and memorabilia from Rhayn's birth. It includes her onesie and socks that i took her home in. They are so tiny. I can't believe how BIG she is!

Today was her first swimming lesson. I was so impressed at how well she did. I mean she wasn't a fish in the water or anything, but once the teacher showed her how to put her face under the water, she had no problem doing it. I tried last week and she didn't want to do it at all. Afterwards we stuck around for free swim and she showed me how to swim inderwater. I really wish we could have had her in swim lessons from the beginning. She really enjoys it! Too bad she had tubes for 3 years of her life! I already can see her tan lines. So funny, but i am glad she has my skin tone and seems to tan like nothing instead of burning. I know when i was a kid i was so dark i almost looked hispanic (my hair bleached out to nearly white blonde in the sun, too though.)

I really don't have much to say right now. I am getting ready to go to bed, but I felt this swell of love for my big giant girl, i needed to put it to words.

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