I was posting on babiesonline (my website for this pregnancy) and it says i only have 97 days left. That seems like NO time at all! It really freaked me out! I need to get things done. I need to fisnish painting Rhayn's room, so she can start sleeping in there! (I guess that is what this afternoon is for, lol!) I mean less than 100 days to my due date! Wow! how did we get here?!

Monday I have another appointment with my midwife. I really need to get my medical records, but I keep forgetting. So I am going to have to make myself do that... ugh. I feel like a lazy butt!

Time is sure flying by! before i know it i will be holding my little girl child and hopefully she will nurse and we will be happy. I am so excited and nervous at the same time!!

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