I don't wanna cook!!!!

Why is it so hard for me to make dinner for just Rhayn and myself? I don't want to cook, because its mostly for me, and she hardly eats anything (I think that is it.) and because dh is not here to enjoy dinner with me. I really miss him most at night. I want him home.
Its been so freaking hot today! I think we hit 115, but i am not sure. Yahoo says we are at 112, with 8% humidity, but it really feels hotter. I have felt like I was walking in a sauna all day!
Only 3 1/2 more months to go (yeah right) before I am at least no longer pregnant. I was NEVER miserable like this when I was pregnany with Rhayn. I really didn't think summer would be that bad... but man was I wrong!

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