cat bites and black eyes!

The cat i am sitting for (my cousin's) has a lesion(spelling?) on his right flank. So i am keeping him away from the other cats (he's locked in my bathroom/closet- which is huge)
Rhayn left the door open and I yelled at her to go close it. She turned and BAM right into the 1/2 wall that separated the stairs from the "game room" upstairs. She hit the corner dead on and fell to the floor bawling. She was in so much pain. So i cradled her and calmed her down. We put ice on it the swelling went down a little.

Then she really wanted to sleep "like a big girl" in her newly painted cloud room. so i let her fall asleep in her cloudy room. But around 11 I brought her in w/ me. I was so worried because she has NEVER hit her head that hard. She seems fine... and well- it was her first night in her room- my first night alone in mine... and dh isn't here... so i was really lonely. BUT since she hit her head it felt like a good excuse to bring her to bed w/ me.Now she has a big lump- poor baby. She actually has a BLACK EYE!
oh well- worse things have happened-

like the cat issue!!!!
I took Conner to the vet ($85 to see him and for meds and the verdict is......)
One of my cats BIT Conner! So he is on antibiotics for a week. We can't sit him anymore, so I am lending my cousin the $300 for pet deposit so that he can be safe and far away from my evil little furballs! I *know* which one bit him- Beckham- he has been beating him regularly- saying "Hey I am the man of the house and no other male cat can be here." Beckham has never had a problem with our female cats. I think He has just assumed the role of dominant male- even though everyone here is fixed. So I can only imagine when this giant white fuzzball joined the house, he felt threatened and chose to take it out aggressively (typical MAN!!!) I hope that Elise can get her cat back to his normal 17 pounds, he's lost 2 while here... and that he heals nicely. Poor Conner, I feel SO awful about the whole thing! I just can't believe my cat bit him!

Well I am off to clean house. It never ends does it? My brother told me yesterday that my house is messier than he has EVER seen it! LOL!!! His fiance told him that was rude and he replies "she is my sister- i wouldn't just say that to anyone!" Yup- i love my family! (And my house IS messier than they have ever seen it! SOOO off to clean I am!)

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