Only a few more days...

Our two weeks are nearly up, and I am so glad. I am tired of being alone at night, although I think Rhayn and I have fallen into a nice schedule.
Its been a long day, but its felt really short.
We got up at 6:30 to take my parents to the airport. It was nice having someone here when i got up. Then Rhayn had swim lessons at 9:45. She was the only one who showed up and got a very good personal lesson. She really liked getting to go first. There are usually only 2-4 kids in her class anyway.
After that we went to the craft store, and they had frames and framed artwork 50% off. We looked at nearly everything, and finally found a few posters we liked (ok that I liked.) So that is nice, having some bigger artwork to hang up. I didn't really have any art in the master bedroom. We are going for a sort of Asian inspired theme in there. I love the pieces I bought for that room but I am not sure if they go together. Oh well. I found a Monet print for the living room, since we seem to have only those in there. It was one I hadn't seen and its brightly colored orange and blues. It really reminds me (color-wise) of a desert sunset. I haven't figured out where to hang it.
After that we went to lunch. It is nice sometimes to have mommy and Rhayn time, we go eat and relax. Its a good time to talk about silly stuff. But I would like to make it a habit to take her out once a month (just mommy and Rhayn) and have Will do the same. Of course when the baby comes, it will be easier for them to stay out longer, and some good daddy-baby time whiel I take her out. I think its so important to make time for all of your children- alone just them time. I don't think I got much of that growing up. I know for my birthday, my dad would take me out. We would go toa movie and get dinner, or go for a motorcycle ride. It was a lot of fun and I felt really special. I want her to have that- only more often. Since we will have 2 girls, they will both need daddy-time.
We came home and have been hanging out and relaxing this afternoon. It was hot out today. I think 110? Yuck.
Can't wait for this summer to be OVER!!!!

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