kicked in the head!

Rhayn finally got to feel teh baby move yesterday! It ws funny.
She leaned over to kiss my belly and then listen to her baby sister.
Idon't think her sister wanted her to squish her so she kicked her
in the head! it was funny "Gwen" did it twice. Rhayn thought it was
so cool.
Baby has been so much more active and I can often see my belly
doing rolls as she flips around in there. She has also taken to
stretching when I sit down so she is in my ribs and that kind of
Its so amazing that in the past few days my little thumpergirl has changed SO much. I feel so much more and can almsot tell what part of her is moving. I can't wait for her to give daddy a good kick. Maybe she'll get him in the back!
She is wiggling around right now, and making sitting at the computer very uncomfortable!
I swear she is going to be so long!

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