Why is being alone so hard? I know my dh is still around until tomorrow and I sort of don't want to leave the house because he might be able to call me- but then again he would call the mobile anyway.
I feel like bawling. It has been such a dreadful day. Really it hasn't but i am NOT taking him leaving very well. I just want to cry! It hurts! I am so glad that IKNOW when he'll be home.Only 2 weeks.... only 14 days (well add a few........) not as bad as the 10 weeks of last time. That was harder. I know that Rhayn doesn't "get" taht he is not coming home. She is excited because we might go see my mom and dad tonight. But its so hard for me to leave my house!
Oh no, I am tearing up. I think I really NEED to leave the house! Well, we are all packed and I plan on coming home on Sunday afternoon. I have obligations- like taking out the recyling. I guess I will go... efore it gets too late. Man i miss him sooo much already.
A pregnant woman should NOT be left w/o her hubby! I miss him, I bet when he gets home I follow him around even more than I did this past week. I hope he likes my company!

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