4 weeks

I am 4 weeks pregnant. I can not believe it. I never thought it would happen... and I know that the next 36 weeks will fly by and soon I will have a new little baby in my arms.
I know that Rhayn will be the best big sister.

So far- besides feeling like I have to pee 100 times a day, I am a little tired and VERY irritable! Rhayn is getting the bulk of my stupid meanness. I hate how I am acting towards her! I am not me! I get so frustrated! ARGH! Its awful! Oh well only a few more months of this hormonal disarray! Then I will be in the second trimester and I will feel so much better! I hope that I get sick soon- because I want to feel sick so I feel like my baby is ok. Will it work? Will I feel sick soon?

I am so worried that I will lose this baby! I mean after a miscarriage you always worry- but after 2... its harder! There is little reason to believe I will- I don't feel strangely- well I feel TIRED, and that is a GOOD PREGNANT sign!!!

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