This last week has been a whirlwind.

Thursday night Abi woke up coughing. She had trouble settling back down so we went the couch and I held her. She woke up every so often, and would cry out. Neither of us was sleeping. She was struggling to breath so I gave her a nebulizer treatment. It was 4am,i gave her a second one at 6am. Then at 8am called the dr and took her in to her pediatrician, we had just gotten her established at a new office in Monday and I'm so glad.

In the office they gave her another treatment as her o2 level was only 88%. It didn't help for long, in fact we weren't even able to get her o2 above 94 even with oxygen and a nebulizer treatment. During this time I also dropped my phone in the toilet, and that was terrible.

At around noon (I'm not even sure, i was so out of it) she was transported to the hospital by ambulance. I followed behind and Daddy meet us there.

At the hospital she looked so tiny, hooked up to all of those machines. But she needed to be there. She was so tired from trying to breath, she couldn't sleep because she was having trouble breathing and all she wanted was sleep.

She slept after we got there, because she was hooked up to oxygen, she was getting breathing treatments every hour, and she finally want gasping for every breath. But she looked so tiny. So frail.
She stayed over night. She saw so many doctors, so many albuterol treatments.

A diagnosis of asthma.
An action plan.

An exhausted mommy.

Seriously exhausted. I am having a hard time coming to terms with the whole experience. I keep going over what happened and feel like I should have been able to help her sooner. She shouldn't have struggled as long as she did.

But (hopefully there never is a next time but) next time I'll know what to do. Next time, if she's struggling like that, I know what to do.

Please, let there never be a next time.

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Lisa C. said...

Went through some of that with Nathan. He doesn't have asthma, but had some similar episodes when he was younger that were a fallout from being born a preemie with underdeveloped lungs. I remember well his struggle to breathe, and the feeling of helplessness. No words of advice to offer, only of understanding.

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