Gwen turns 10

Tomorrow sometime special turns 10. A while decade of Gwen.
I should wait until tomorrow to post about her, but I wanted to write out a few things.

Gwen's a pretty awesome kid. She's so obsessed with Pokémon at the moment, is fun watching her so enthralled with something.

Lately her moods have been more unpredictable. She is easily upset and feels sad a lot. Her anxiety seems better, for the most part, she isn't suffering from stomach aches like she was last year.
She is doing really well in school. She's great at math, and loves her teacher.
She still doesn't have a best friend, her one good friend is a year younger than she is, but they get along pretty well. I don't worry too much about it, especially since we're moving in about a month. She'll make plenty of friends then I think. She's so vivacious and fun. I don't think she'll struggle with the move.
Daddy being gone during the week is hard on her. He's almost always home for her birthday and he won't be this year. I want to make the day special for her, but I'm not even sure how. We tried to have a mini celebration on Sunday, but there was a tomato on her plate and she freaked out. She ate it eventually, and though she didn't like it, she admitted that the freak out wasn't worth it.
I'm taking cup cakes to her class tomorrow, I know she's excited about that. Of course they have Pokémon on them.

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