Abi is two

Dear Abicot,

You are two today. We had a fun playdate with some of your little friends. Everyone had a great time catching chickens and petting goats. Grandma and Grandpa came down and brought some cousins, too. Loves of fun and good times.

You are so independent. You want to keep up with your sisters, and have started being able to put on your own shoes (or whomever's shoes you can find). The toilet has become your friend, and during the day when we're home, you are pretty consistent about  using it, especially to poop. I haven't had to change a poopy diaper in weeks. Even when we are out, you will let me know you need to go in enough time to get you to a toilet!

Your vocabulary is huge. Most of the time I know what you are trying to tell me. Sometimes its a little harder, but we figure it out. Some of the words you mispronounce make me giggle, like "lala" for lollipop, "nain" for blanket,

We play "where is your... body part" and you are very good at most of them. Which makes it easier when you are hurt to let me know where. You also are easily fixed with a simple mama or daddy kiss on the owie. You've also become obsessed with covering each owie you find with bandages.

The other day I saw a picture of a cheetah. I thought you would like it so I showed it to you. You covered your eyes with your hands and said "Scawee monser!" We looked at some more cheetah pictures, and only the ones that were facing the camera were "scawee" but you didn't like them.

A few weeks (maybe a month) ago, a very low flying Border patrol helicopter flew over our house. You were in the back yard with Natalie, playing. When you heard the loud noise, you booked it back in the house, telling me how scary it was. Loud noises startle you, I remember that even in the womb, when I was using a hammer, you'd jump. 

Things you love-
Daddy. You love hugging him when he's leaving for work. You'll run from anywhere in the house to make sure you can hug his legs before he goes. You are also upset when he's gone for Army duty.
Mama milk. I have been trying to night wean you, and its not gone well. Every time I try, you pull me tighter and ask more often. I'm ok with nursing you longer, but I'm tired and need more sleep.
Animals. You love our chickens and goats. Our little bottle-fed baby goat, Evening Star "Evie" is still small enough that you carry her all of the time. Since she's bottle-fed she loves people and you and her and best buddies as you explore the yard together. This makes me be outside more often than I used to be. I suppose its good, because it keeps me active and that helps with my depression.

Sisters. You adore your sisters.

I wish I could remember all of the adorable things you've been doing lately, to pause time for a few moments and just soak you up. But before I have a chance, you are off, doing the next time, reaching for the stars, the moon. And I'm still here, waiting for you to return.


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