14 Months old Abby

Dear Abby,

You are 14 months old.

You can walk, but its more like a weird high-stepping waddle. I love watching you walk. But I loved watching you scoot just as much. I do like being able to stand you up while I go to the bathroom and you just stand there for a moment. Makes life easier.

You love to climb. On. Everything. You aren't very sturdy which makes this, as a young Rhayn would have said, "damerous". Watching you climb and explore the world is really neat.

You have 6 teeth and love food. Though there are many things you can't eat with only 6 teeth. You try to eat everything.

Today you have a bad rash. I'm not sure if its eczema or heat rash. We were at the girls' school, hanging out while we had a meeting for the "parent, teacher, volunteer group" (not a PTA but like that). The principal came over and we were talking to her. I was holding you and you were trying to pull your shirt off. I lifted your shirt and saw that the little eczema-like rash you'd had for weeks was covering your back and you were trying to pull your skin off. I took your shirt off and as you pinched your back, you were covered in goosebumps. It got worse because we couldn't come home immediately. But its looking better now that you are cooling off.

You've finally started having an opinion about things, like being up in a carrier, which you love most of the time. You have a special doll that you love, one that I made. And that makes me really happy.

It is so much fun watching you grow and develop.

Thank you so much, for adding your love to our family.


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