Natalie is THREE!

Dear Natalie,

Last weekend you turned 3. But I am an idiot and scheduled my wisdom teeth extraction for the day before. Thank goodness for your biggest sister, as she pulled everything together and made an awesome rainbow colored cake for you.

At 3 you are an amazing person.You are so independent that it often gets you into trouble, like a few weeks ago when I was doing laundry and I "lost" you. I found you in the front yard, with Lily, walking the fence line talking to a neighbor.

I know this post is late, but our lives have been through out of whack . I'm trying not to let that taint this post, which should be all about you.

Last week you had a well child exam, you are a petite thing but tall, at 27.5 pounds (16th %) and 37 inches (60th %). The doctor asked you to name some colors and you refused at first. You only wanted to lay on the exam table and look at the book she gave you. When you finally did comply you kept repeating that red was green.

You had your first haircut, and you were so excited and nervous. They only trimmed about an inch off of the back but it made me sad to see your baby hairs cut away.

Yes, dear girl, you still love to nurse. We've cut back to really only having "nuh-nees" in the morning, usually you climb into bed with me and ask to nurse right as the sun comes up. We snuggle and you fall back to sleep. I love those morning cuddle times, with me in between you and your baby sister.

I'm sure there is so much more to add, I could write about you all day, but you should know this, you are loved and I'm so glad you came to our family.

Love always,

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