Abby 8 Months

Dear Abby,

You are 8 months old now. Where is the time going? I'm so sad with each passing day that I'll never have another little baby that is x days/weeks/months old. But I am also enjoying you so much at this stage.
 In the last months (its been a few since I wrote on here), you've not started to crawl. You want to, oh you want to, but you are unable to figure it out. You are mostly happy to sit or be held. You grew a tooth, it popped through on February 1st. You weren't a horrible teether, and I hope that you stay that way.
Everyone likes to help you stand up. You love that, but you can not do it on your own. 
You smile easily unless I have the camera out. I have very few pictures of you smiling. You look just like your sister, Rhaynnon, with Gwen's eyes.
You look nothing like Natalie, except for your brown eyes.

We've been sick so much. Sickness after sickness. It is not fun.I hope we're done with illness.

You love me. That makes me happy, you will smile so big when you see me, and flail around trying to fly into my arms.

I love you,

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Briep said...

She is so cute I think I need to hold her!

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