Abigail 2 months old

Today, my dear Abby, you are 2 months old.

I am so happy that the first months are behind us, because they have been rough. Not because of you so much, but it has been an adjustment for us all, to have you. We all love you so much, in fact your big sister Natalie is in love with you to the extreme. She will drape herself over you, to give you kisses and loves. She will talk to you, her "baby Abby" over and over. Having a little sister has been great for her, and she really could not love you more. Of course, she gets jealous and asks me to "Put baby Abby down and howd me!" but then she is done and will tell me to pick you back up.

I wonder if because you were born a few weeks early that is why you don't smile as much as the other girls, did. You are happiest in the morning and will smile and coo a little, but you sleep most of the day and have another wakeful time in the evening.

You were sick this weekend. On Friday night (or was it Thursday?) You cried for almost 2 hours and nothing I did could calm you. Eventually you wore yourself out and you slept. Sunday morning you woke up with gross eye boogers and swollen eyes. You appeared to feel awful. But that was short lived and you seem fine today.

Lately you've spent a lot of time on my back, my little monkey girl. Right now you are wrapped on my back sleeping because I have been trying to get things done this morning. Today was supposed to be the first day of school for your 2 biggest sisters, but it rained long and hard last night and school was postponed until tomorrow. Normally on Mondays we go to a breastfeeding support group at the mall here, but since we were all sick this weekend we didn't go. I always miss the ladies there, and I get to weigh you when we're there. Last week you were 11 pounds 4 ounces (dressed with a cloth diaper on). Up from 5 pounds 15 ounces at birth and most likely less than that when we left the hospital. I am so amazed at how big you are and how wee you were. It is hard to remember how truly tiny you were at birth.

Sweet Abby, I can not wait to really get to know you as your personality emerges over the next year.

I love you bunches!


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