Today she is 3 days old (at 1pm). Today my milk is coming in, I woke with breasts so heavy they ache as I walk to use the restroom and brew a pot of coffee. Today she seems to have really gotten the hang of nursing, too. She roots and gets so excited when I pick her up to nurse, her body wiggling happily.

Today she has pooped through so many diapers, and she really hates being changed. Her poops are slowly becoming less meconium. Each time it makes me a little sad, just because she is already changing. Last night, Natalie was sleeping with us and when I changed Abby at 2am her cries woke Natalie up who then cried because she wanted to "snuggle you mama!" I think Natalie needs to sleep with her sisters, because she likes that, too. And n baby will wake her in the night in their rooms.

Today I am awake before 6am, just holding and feeding my sweet baby. I don't feel as miserable in the morning, my hormones are calm after a night of sleep. Even though My arms ache  from holding her in the night because "she is just so tiny" and she likes to sleep on my chest. It makes it so much easier to wake with her slightest cue of hunger.

Her eyes are scrunched up tightly, not a bit of eyelashes can be seen. And I just want to spend my day kissing her sweet, tiny face.

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lvh said...

leaner, she is so cute - congratulations to all of you. Are you going to be able to make it to the reunion so we can all see her? love ya

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