Weekly Gratitude

This week I am grateful for~~~
~being 23 weeks along. Almost 6 months. I feel pregnant. I feel baby moving around in there poking me. I think s/he is transverse at the moment since it feels like I am really wide. It is hard to know at this point. I will probably be able to tell what is butt and what is head in a month. I look forward to that!
~only a few more days until we have another ultrasound. My fingers are crossed that baby's legs are NOT crossed! I don't know if I can handle the disappointment of her/him hiding at yet another ultrasound. I need to know. I need to see who is in there, and give him/her a name. I NEED that. 

 ~Another awesome snow storm this last week. I love watching the snow falling. We had about 4 hours of snow falling. It took about 3 for it to start sticking to things though. And it was all gone by the next afternoon.
~Warmer weather. It is going to start warming up this week. My pale winter skin is looking forward to soaking up some Vitamin D, especially my sad toes. In Phoenix I was always able to wear flip flops, even in winter. Here? Not so much. My toes have never spent so much time hidden away.
~Natalie. She cracks me up every day. She talks more than Gwen or Rhayn did and has so much silliness to say. I am enjoying this time with her before Quattro comes.


Amie said...

Curious if you're sharing what you're thinking of for names yet?

lvh said...

The best kind of snow - lovely to watch it fall and then it disappears. Natalie is so cute and congrats on 10 years.

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