Politics are draining to everyone. The hatred, the harsh words, the disdain. No one is happy with the way things are and everyone has an opinion.

And I am tired of it all. I suppose in a few weeks or months maybe the bad taste of this election season will leave my mouth, I'll forgive those who were the most hurtful to others. I will pretend that I don't remember how crazy this made some of my friends and how caught up they got in reposting so much negativity on Facebook.

And with hope I look forward to the end of the political ads, if only for a little while.

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Amie said...

The nature of the beast I suppose. Everyone having such a strong opinion. :( It'll die down. Already, today has been a little quieter than yesterday. I, personally, am glad to see people have opinions and be boisterous about them, rather than the opposite and let their voice be buried. It's a mark of a free nation. Not that whining does much good... :p *hugs at ya*

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