Still Waiting

I finally have another estimated date for the air conditioner install. Monday. I really hope everything goes well this time because my house, after weeks of me not really cleaning, is suffering and filthy. I am miserable, the girls are miserable. We are all grumpy and unhappy.

It is nearly 6pm and the house is 90 (almost 91) I had to feed the girls, and I miss cooking good meals. I didn't have the energy this morning to make anything in the crockpot. I woke up this morning with a low fever and body aches. I have a red swollen area on my right breast. I am resting up and hoping that it doesn't turn into an infection. I'm giving it 24 more hours or until my temperature reaches 102 (currently 99.5 which really doesn't help with my feeling so darn hot and uncomfortable in the house.)

My mom, dad, sister, and 6 of the cousins came to visit this weekend. It was great to have them over, and yes, I was happy to have them over, and for that time I was able to ignore the overwhelming depression that coats me every day. And I was glad when they left and we could get back to our schedule.  I wish I didn't feel so bad when people come to visit. I wish we had a place for them to sleep and air conditioning so that it wasn't so hot. They said it was fine they understood, and it isn't my fault, but I still felt badly for making them (especially my sister) sleep in hot rooms.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes and everything else hoping for no hiccups with the air conditioner... please please please.

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Amie said...

From bad to worse, ugh!! I so hope you don't have an infection, but then, you've had them before, haven't you? Double Ugh. I'm glad your family got to visit!!

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