All I want

at this exact moment is a delicious shredded beef taco and a cheese enchilada. Maybe a soda to go with it. I'd love to drive into town for just that. I had planned a quick trip into town to purchase some flowers  to plant in front of the house. I feel a little light headed, my breakfast of mango banana bread long used up. I could wait and pick up flowers tomorrow with the girls in tow. There is a LLL meeting in the morning and I do plan to go to that. The LLL here isn't as active as the Tempe one was, I really enjoyed those meetings. These are filled with moms with teeny babies who make me realize how big Tally is getting. She is nearly 14 months now. Still happily nursing away, and nursing far too much in the night (working on molars I think).

1 comment:

Amanda said...

your blog keeps making me hungry. And I don't even eat beef tacos. But I would sure like one. Thanks for that.

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