Weekly Gratitude

I need to get back in the habit of writing gratitude posts. They help me focus on the positive in life and lately I've not been doing that.

I am grateful for
~this deployment being short and 1/2 way over. I know Will can not wait to get home, too and that makes me happy (because he wants to be with us.)
~Rhayn's helpfulness. Even though she thinks I am the meanest mom because I made her clean and do more around the house than Gwen does.
~Gwen's stories and songs. She has quite the imagination. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with her age. 
~Tally's sweet snuggles. She is busy like her big sister, but loves to take time out to snuggle any time of the day. And she is 1 now, which is such a delightful age. 
~I continue to be thankful for the slower pace around here. Nothing is hurried and that is nice.
~I am grateful for MeetUp.com and the people I have met through that and story time at the library. I don't feel quite as along and it has been nice talking (in person) to adults a few times a week. I would probably have lost my ever-loving-mind at this point if it weren't for those weekly playdates with (mostly) Military Mamas.

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