I'm trying to see the beauty in things. However when your children, especially the smallest, are ill it is hard to see past vomit covered clothes and boogers everywhere. When you realize it has been almost a week since your children bathed and there just isn't time for it today it is hard to see the beauty in that.

But for a moment, I can go outside and stand amongst my fruit trees, breath in the scent from this one*, blooming suddenly. And for that one moment I can feel the peace that I seem to be missing.

*We aren't sure what sort of tree it is, only that it is different from the peach trees that surround it.After asking around, it seems like it just might make my dreams come true and be an apple tree. I suppose that would explain why we didn't find pits littered under it, like the peach and apricot trees. Because if apples fell from this tree and were eaten by rabbits, they would consume the seeds as well. I am crossing my fingers for apples to begin growing on it!

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Cornfed Princess said...

Hudson has been sick for 2 weeks. We've never seen so much puke in our lives. We had no idea how far it could travel from one small body. I feel your pain.

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