Chircahua and Coronado

We've had a really full weekend. Friday Rhayn went camping with her friend, L to Kartchner Caverns, and my parents came down for the weekend. We are trying to decide if it is up or down, for them to come see us is down state, but up in elevation.

Saturday we took a drive in the cold weather and visited Chiricahua National Monument. It was beautiful even though we couldn't see too much. The camping trip was cut short because of bad weather and I know Rhayn was quite disappointed. We were all disappointed to learn that Stout's Cider Mill in Willcox had closed. They had the best apple pie and we had spent the entire day looking forward to a slice of pie.

Sunday morning we got up and drove to Coronado National Monument. We tried to hike to the cave there, but it was 1/2 a mile with a 500 foot elevation change. Basically too much for us to do today (I am working the tail end of a cold/flu/virus nasty.) Then we did some quick geocaches and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant that was pretty good.

It was a full weekend. I would love to sit here and write it all out, but I am tired and have a migraine. I am going to go rest on the couch and start knitting up a sweet little baby shrug for my niece to be born.

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