Two weekends ago we went to Phoenix to clean up the house to get it ready for selling. While we were there we stayed with some friends. Their son was sick, obviously sick, but they were sure it was merely allergies.

Now I sit here, 2 weeks later, having the hardest time breathing. Will is the only one who didn't catch this humdinger of a cold. Natalie has been a mess. I am sucking down robitussin like its soda to be able to not wheeze when I breath.

Of course I don't blame them for sharing this lovely virus with us. I am not innocent of this. Once Gwennie gave our friend Steve a cold that he in turn gave to his parents and turned into THE COLD of 2009. It was nasty. This one seemed fine until 2 days ago when it moved into my chest.

Today I stirred up a bunch of dust in the house and that is really not helping me.

On a side note check this sunrise out. We woke up to a light dusting of the mountains to the southwest of us. No, there wasn't any snow in our area, but this is gorgeous.

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lvh said...

i love the picture of the mountain. they look so cool with just a dusting natalie is all grown up. she is so cute. i hope you all feel better soon.

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