painted walls

Wow. I have been so busy that, for the first time ever, I haven't been blogging much!

We've ripped out (literally in some cases!) the kitchen cabinets. I have patched walls, primed floors and laid down vinyl planks. And yesterday I painted walls. I decided on a pale yellow called "Desert Lily" for the main kitchen. You can kind of see that it's yellow.

Getting ready to paint our accent wall and what will be our message center. We are only putting base cabinets on this wall and dry erase boards above them to keep track of homework and schedules. This is one of the things I can not wait to get in because right now I am barely holding it all together.
But for the accent wall?

RED. This is actually just 2 coats of a red I originally picked (but changed my mind because it looks like, as Will said, "teenage red lipstick" and it is too bright.) It will be a slightly more orange red in the end. And see the yellow in the other room? It is our YELLOW! dining room. I wouldn't dislike that room so much if they hadn't painted the ceiling the same YELLOW! because the color itself is nice.

The final coat is a little more toned down, and curry colored. But it is bright and happy and we need that. Now if only our cabinets would arrive so we can put them in!

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Amie said...

It's gonna be so great! Excited to see. THe floor looks awesome.

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