Gratitude Day 8 and 9

I made it one week before I slacked.

Yesterday I felt grateful for the La Leche League meetings I have been going to. No, I don't currently have any breastfeeding issues, however I have. I am grateful to have found that group.

Today I am thankful that Gwennie hasn't puked all over the floor. She knows when she needs to puke and runs for the bathroom. Rarely does she miss the toilet. She's been good about it since she was 3. I am really thankful for that, since Rhayn is the opposite and often (even at 10) pukes all down the hallway from her bed to her bathroom. Since Gwennie is puking (at this moment) and has been getting sick since about 3 am this morning, this is a good thing.

Rhayn used to tell me that she "spilled" when she threw up. It was so cute.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

my sister Betsy says that when your child learns how to throw up in the toilet it's one of the greatest moments in all of parenting. I agree.

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