(7) 8 Month Newsletter


My dear sweet Natalie-girl,

Today you are 8 months old. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with you. Seriously time is going so fast sometimes it feels like I take a breath and you are on to the next thing.

I totally forgot to write one of these last month. Whoops. I kept thinking about it, and then before I knew it we were a mere week from today.
During your 6th and 7th months you have learned to crawl and pull up on everything (and anything) that you can. Last week you started crawling up stairs, which terrifies me. Thankfully at our new house there are only like 4 steps up into the house and none inside.

I am struggling to get you to sleep right now. I used to be able to lay you down and have an hour or sometimes two before you woke up. Currently there are 2 ways you will nap- in the car seat when we get home (as in I prop the door open and work in the kitchen while you are still in the car) or on me. If I am lucky I can lay you on the couch and snuggle you up and get 30 minutes before you figure out that you are alone and start fussing.

Yes, I know people would say "Just let her CIO (cry it out) it worked for my baby." But that seems so wrong to me. You have never cried yourself to sleep, well maybe once in the car after 45 minutes? But I just can't do it at home. You fuss and cry a lot as it is. Your separation anxiety is in full force, and usually you want mama and no one else (Big Sis, Rhayn is usually good, too). This too shall pass, right?
Just woke up and not happy about it.

At night you sleep well, but you're reverting back to the every few hour nursing. I know this is just a short part of our lives. Even though we co-sleep I am not sleeping well. Maybe its the stress of the move and changing our whole lives. Maybe it's because I miss your Dad during the week and I am so tired of "single parenting". Maybe we need a new bed? All I know is that I am exhausted, more so than I was in the beginning of your life. Again you are sick. Last night you puked all over me. Today you've had diarrhea and have vomited. The only diapers I have changed have been blow-out poops. Even when you woke up, your diaper was barely wet, and I didn't change it until you'd been up for an hour almost. (Not on purpose, I just forgot, it has to do with that lack of sleep crap.)
You have started really talking, or at least "practice" talking. You say mamamamamama dadadadadadada, lalalalalalala, gagagagagaga and many other cute little babbles. When you are crying, and I pick you up you will often tell me about it "agamada, abada anananana" I love listening to that.

I am sure I am forgetting so many things that I will later wish I had written down, but again, lack of sleep is making me forget everything I want to write. Maybe I will amend this later, but for now, sweet girl, just know I love you.


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