In Which Gwennie Gets Sick

Gwennie's fourth day of kindergarten and she was really excited to get to stay for nap care. We arrived at school, like we have every morning. She placed her lunch box and water bottle in their respective spots. She put on her hat and we went out to the play yard. She ran a little but kept telling me that she wanted to go back in the classroom because it was too hot.

It was hot, 95 at 8:00am? Yuck. I made her stay outside but she sat down at the table outside. She took off her hat. I kissed her sweaty head and told her goodbye. Then I went to Target to pick up a can opener. My mobile phone tucked into my purse (where I could not hear it) because I was wearing a skirt.

When I got home, there was a message. I assumed it was just another politician because in Arizona we have a mayoral election happening next week. They've really ramped up those calls, too. I hit play and heard "Hello, this is Ms. M from ___, your daughter Gwennie is feeling sick. She threw up and..." the message cut off. So I got out my mobile. Sure enough there was a message on there, too. Basically the same message. It didn't say "You need to come get her" it didn't say she was fine. I called the office and spoke to the secretary, who said she'd walk over to the kindergarten class and find out if I needed to come and pick her up. (The school does not have a loud speaker/intercom system. They do have phones in some of the classes but don't use them because they disrupt the class.)

A few minutes later I get a call from Ms. H. Gwennie had come in from outside and looked really pale. She told Ms. H that she felt sick and then threw up in the restroom. She took a rest on the floor while the other children had a snack but she was a little hungry. Ms. H asked her how she felt and she said she really didn't feel well and would like to go home. I said I would drive right over.

I picked her up, and upon walking into the classroom saw a sad sight. Gwennie, sitting at the table, her head down, surrounded by a class of children playing. She looked ok, but tired. She chatted a little on the way home, but told me that the class was too loud and it gave her a headache.

I called a friend to pick up Rhayn after school so I wouldn't have to drag a sick child to the school.

At home we watched Tangled on Netflix. Then some other shows. She didn't move at all. I gave her some bread, jell-o and lots of water. She got up to use the restroom and told me that she was dizzy. Then told me that it hurts to talk. This was followed by her falling asleep.

I took her temperature- 102.8.
And gave her more water.
And stroked her hot forehead with my cool, mama hand.
And looked at her sick little body, all covered in goosebumps and burning up.
Its been 2 hours, she is still burning up, still sleeping, and still sick.

I'm sure the rest of us will get sick now, too. Oh joy.

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