16 weeks

Dearest Natalie,

You are now 16 weeks old. Its been a year since I first peed on a stick and saw that sweet second line. I can't remember what it was like before you. Just like its hard to imagine how my life was before your sisters or even before your dad.
You and I are having some "alone time" while your big sisters are away at my parents house and Daddy is away at Army training. I don't think this is good for me. I was really looking forward to the quiet but now it seems stifling. And it is too hot outside for much of anything else.

My dear little girl, you can now roll both ways, but still struggle with the tummy to back part. Sometimes you lift your butt up and try to push yourself forward. I know it won't be long before you can crawl, or get where you want in some manner. You are quite determined.

Yesterday you had your 4 month well-child-exam. You weigh in at 15.5 pounds and are 25.5 inches long. You head circumference is 16.5. You are long still in the upper 90th percentile for length. The others are closer to the middle. You have sweet chubby legs and I adore them. The doctors want to watch your head bump still, it has gone down a lot but its almost not noticeable. They also want to watch your upper lip tie. It causes you no real problems now, but may in the future when you start to talk.
You and your cousin, Omster who is 3 months older than you.

I'm not loving your doctor. But I can't explain why. It may be that we always have to wait a long time for her, while some of the other doctors in the same practice take a lot less time. (Example- we were there for 1 1/2 hours with you yesterday and only 30 minutes for Gwennie the day before. And most of the time with you was waiting for doctors and nurses. Gwennie's visit was mostly with the doctor. She also had a much nicer nurse. Yours was unpleasant.)

Nothing makes you laugh like a dog (or cat) does. Seriously Rhayn and I are jealous because Lily will have you laughing out loud while you simply look at us. No you aren't laughing in the video below but you are very happy with Lily being so close to you. Sometimes I make her lay near us so that I can open your hand and help you gently stroke her fur.

I'm sure at some point Lily will stop being totally freaked out by you. Maybe.

But until then, we all love you.

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